‘A compelling, empowering book, which is both an absorbing read and an affirmation of human decency. I’m usually reluctant to use the word ‘inspiring’, but these these stories of courage, endurance and fidelity from all around the world totally deserve that accolade.’ – David Hill

‘I commend this book to all who wish to live their lives nonviolently and without weapons. It provides many inspirational stories for your journey.’ – Professor Kevin Clements, Director, National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies

‘This resource should be in all Intermediate and High Schools. Raymond has provided some excellent questions and stories for a starting point for lessons.’ – Maria Gill, Kids’ Books NZ

‘Full of hope and notions of empowerment. Huber goes beyond merely presenting facts and places, weaving in fictionalised narratives before offering readers a chance to learn more.’– Shane Gilchrist, Otago Daily Times

‘There are lovely examples throughout the book of people showing an amazing amount of courage to stand up for what they believe in. What I really like about this book is that you’re asking young people to actually think for themselves.’ – Vanda Symon, Write On Radio

‘A timely publication… to challenge young people living in a world at war.’ –Ann Packer, The Listener

A thought provoking page turner, it is an inspiring and empowering book. It would have given me an enormous sense of hope in my early teens, had I had access to real life stories like these, about how we can use the power of peaceful action to change the world for better. I am recommending Peace Warriors to both young and adult. – Hanne Sorensen, Rainbow Warrior engineer in 1985.